Lobster.com's New Take On Link Building
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Lobster.com has been delivering live Maine lobsters overnight to all parts of the US since the late nineties but their new website needed some additional marketing muscle to attract search engine visitors. 

Link building - a quintessential part of SEO - is a "hit-or-miss" affair. Sometimes it can lead to spectacular results, but more often there is little to show for one's efforts. This lack of predictability stems largely from the fact that most backlinks have little to no value in terms of their ability to drive traffic or rankings.

Lobster.com set out on a different path. They knew they couldn't catch up with competitors who had been chasing links for years and they didn't want to engage in linkspam. Instead, they rebuilt their link building program from the ground up with an eye on quality. As a result, they were able to:

  • Set measurable and attainable link building goals
  • Create a brand-new stream of revenue from referral traffic
  • Improve their search engine rankings
  • Close the gap with competitors who had been building links for years
  • Maintain a high-quality linking profile and avoid common "link spam" traps
If you recognize the value of a quality link building program but don't know how to go about getting started, then this case study will be well worth your time today.
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