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Q409 Search Advertising Report: Thinning the Herd

Search Engine Advertiser Update – Q409
January 19, 2010

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Fourth quarter has traditionally been strong for Google and we expect this to be the case again this year. This seasonal improvement has less to do with total search query volume (which historically is about the same as November), and more with increased competition for ad placement (higher ad prices) and unusually high clickthrough rates.
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1. Monthly Change in First Page Advertisers
2. Share of Advertisers by Search Engine
3. Avg # Ads/Keyword (US & International)
4. Avg # Ads/Keyword (US only)
5. 2009 Retailer Search Spending (Top 80 retailers, Google US)
6. Top 25 US Advertisers by Search Engine
7. Most Expensive Keywords by Search Engine

Excerpt from "Q409 Search Advertising Report"

Viewed in anything other than this light, the timing of the December Google Ban would be considered highly suspect. On December 3, more than 30,000 advertisers (our estimate) were permanently suspended from the AdWords system. As this represents approximately 5.3% of active advertisers, it would be reasonable to expect a negative impact on search revenues. It is unlikely that Google’s management team would permit such a wide scale ban to take place during a weak quarter, so this almost certainly signifies strong quarter over quarter growth.

That said, our ad coverage metric confirms that something big went down at the Googleplex last month...(continued in full report)
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